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Vanessa Luongo

My passion is to help people enjoy the health benefits and pain relief and healing people naturally through massage and organic skin care therapies.


I have 22 years of experience working in the health and beauty industry.  I have worked in both spa and medical settings and have experience with a wide array of injuries and body type. I address the needs of clients in a variety of ways to help improve their daily life and improving physical function with Creative Healing Therapies.


The wellness industry is a passion for me, it is gratifying and rewarding when clients are happy to see me, and are improving their quality of life through a path to wellness.  The passion for my career began when as a young teenager I received terrible fourth degree burns on my face.  When I visited the doctor he said I would more than likely scar and possibly keloid (raised scar).  As a young teenager I found this news devastating and made a promise to myself that I would do everything i could possibly to avoid scarring.  With a lot of care and holistic remedies, I managed to have no raised scarring. This is how my passion for skincare and wanting to help others began, I enrolled in school in 1996 and graduated in 1997, one year later graduated from high school.


As I began to work in the spa and wellness industry I decided i want to increase my knowledge and further my education in massage therapy.  After graduating high school, I immediately enrolled in massage therapy school.  I graduated from massage school and began to work in Orlando with Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.  Working for Disney gave me a wide range of experience in spa and customer service.  I continued my career in spa and then chose to work more in the medical setting after being in a car accident.  I am also a runner, kayaker and zumba enthusiast.  I understand the importance of having mobility and being pain free so that i can enjoy the quality of life.


The massage, spa and health industry is such an important part of my life and has made a tremendous difference in mine.  I want to share the knowledge, education and experience to help each client to a path to wellness.  I am founder and creator of Creative Healing Therapy.  I decided on the name because of all the different modalities I can integrate for a client to achieve whole body wellness.  Each client is unique with needs to maintain wellness and I want to help by incorporating  the art of Creative Healing Therapy and massage.  Let me help you to your path to wellness!

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